IT Staffing

What is IT Staffing?

IT Staffing allows you to engage external IT specialists for your business. JUVO’s professional IT consultants focus on your ICT. JUVO provides IT-consultants (business, software, security), Java consultants and BI consultants.

IT Staffing at Juvo

Get in-house expertise with IT Staffing

IT Staffing allows you to hire additional help for a variety of ICT projects, such as building applications or structuring data. This can be long- or short-term, both for a definite or an indefinite period of time. JUVO IT consultants are flexible and have experience in a wide variety of sectors and niches. In addition, they are in constant contact with the JUVO network. This means you get access to an entire network of expertise and knowledge.

IT Staffing within your organisation

IT consultants believe variety is the spice of life. They love working on different projects during their career. They constantly challenge themselves and like to learn something new every day. This holds enormous added value for you as a customer, as you benefit from this experience.

IT Staffing enables you to respond quickly, deploy expertise efficiently and round out your in-house team. Do you lack an in-house IT team? JUVO are happy to provide you with a whole team.

Is IT Staffing for me?

Should you invest in an in-house team or should you call on all the experience and expertise available to you via IT Staffing?
Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of IT Staffing.

The advantages of IT Staffing

  • Gain access to a wide range of experience and expertise.
  • Limited/zero time is required for training.
  • JUVO consultants are immediately available.
  • Your in-house team has the possibility to learn from expert(s) outside their organisation.
  • Get a fresh perspective on your ICT operations.

The disadvantages of IT Staffing

  • There is sometimes the need to share sensitive information with an external party. There’s no need to worry if you work with JUVO though, we are inherently discrete.
  • You are hiring in expertise for a set period of time only. Rest assured that we ensure knowledge is shared and that your internal IT staff have the possiblity to receive training. There’s also always the option of extending your project.
  • Depending on your JUVO IT consultant’s role, you have less internal control over your business’s activities. Good communication is therefore imperative. Be open and honest about your expectations. Your JUVO IT consultant sits alongside you and blends into your organisation.

Make your data intelligible with IT Staffing.

Here at JUVO, we work towards making your data profitable. Data which provides insights into your business, means you can work more efficiently and generates more profit. Staffing provides you with IT consultants for all your project requirements. They are part of your team, build or help you to build applications, identify areas for improvement and help you get on top of your data.

Our consultants work in three areas of specialisation:

Juvo - Data IT Staffing

JUVO IT Staffing process

Finding the right consultant for you. This is key for us – both for you as a client and for our consultants. That’s why we ensure our approach to staffing means you find what you’re looking for.

IT Staffing - knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

We like to make sure we allow time to properly get to know you. We arrange an open discussion to answer questions like: What do you need? What do you want to achieve? What’s your corporate culture like? What do you want to know about JUVO and IT Staffing?

IT Staffing - quotation


After we’ve got to know you and you’ve talked to us about your goals and expectations, we provide you with a quote for IT Staffing. We also select JUVO consultants who we think will perfectly suit your requirements.

IT Staffing - Collaboration


Once you’ve accepted our quotation, we start working together. JUVO IT consultants support your team, add the finishing touches to a project or delve into improvements that can be made. A tailor-made approach that will be well worth it. We offer both short- and long-term collaboration options.

IT Staffing options

Short-term IT Staffing

Do you have a temporary position you need to fill for your IT project? Staffing allows you to quickly hire in professional IT consulatants. They are experienced and have the necessary knowledge to lend a hand as soon as they are on board. Your project will progress quickly and this means you’ll hit your deadline.

Long-term IT Staffing

Is your ICT a constantly evolving system with new features, updates and changes? JUVO IT Staffing can help you to bring in external expertise for long-term cooperation.

Interim IT Staffing

Are you in the process of recruiting new employees? Do you have an employee who is on long-term leave? So that your IT department doesn’t grind to a halt and your team isn’t understaffed, we offer you the option to bridge the gap with IT Staffing. This gives you the necessary time to find the best candidate for the position and protects your team from unnecessary stress.

Recruitment versus Staffing

In recruitment (internal and external), HR professionals search for candidates who are suitable for a set position within your organisation. Staffing allows you to hire IT profiles, who entirely meet your current needs. Our capable IT consultants already work for JUVO and are immediately available for your project.

The advantage of Staffing is that you bypass the difficult and time-consuming search for new talent. You can immediately benefit from our existing resource. There’s also no need to recruit employees and you only pay for hours worked.