Implementing your data strategy

From idea to application

Our experienced developers work for you

JUVO data platforms bring all your data together. We design one or more applications and work at two speeds (real-time and batch). We create clean dashboards you can use to access the necessary reports and advanced analyses such as ML or AI.

What do you want to achieve with your data? Our data engineers are with you for the whole process. We design the application structure and choose the right technology for your project. JUVO-applications improve your business and automate your processes. All the data we collect can be easily accessed and processed according to qualitative software engineering principles.

The link between operations and business, and the point at which they intersect, provides you with new insights. This is our guiding principle for application developement. Juvo believes in thinking long term for your benefit.

What do we do?


Bring in missing or additional expertise. We can help you in the short and long term.

JUVO provides you with a consultant with the necessary technical skills, experience and expertise for your project. We also make sure they fit in with your corporate culture.

Project outsourcing

Allow JUVO to take on a whole project for you. We put together a team of consultants with the expertise you need.

They will passionately take care of your project. We support you from the data analysis stage, right through to the effective creation of your data platform or application.

Objective analysis

Would you benefit from an objective analysis of your IT landscape? Feedback about your implementation plan? Or a second opinion about your application design and data strategy?

We’re happy to help. We will provide you with an in-depth review to help you move forward.

JUVO works with Dexis Belgium

JUVO analyses the business process and designs a Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool for Dexis Belgium.

The market leader in MRO consumables distribution offers a wide range of over 400,000 products and solutions. The company receives thousands of phone calls, emails and even faxes every day. Imes Belgium wants to gain insight into the business process, improve customer service and better support its employees.

Dexis Belgium

Dexis Belgium wants to update their business intelligence tool to centralise information and drive activities. JUVO analyses the business process and designs an SFA.

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End-to-end support

JUVO never collects data unnecessarily. We think ahead and build according to what you want to achieve in the future and which direction you want to go. This allows you to analyse data and make decisions based on this.


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