Optimising your data usage

Connecting the dots

More insight = greater benefits

You already have data and applications and the necessary processes and applications in place in your IT landscape to be able to use these in a targeted way. So why not take a fresh perspective on your data and IT infrastructure? What insights might you gain if you did this? And what additional benefits could you acquire?

A creative approach

Optimize tackles things differently. By thinking out of the box, you achieve greater insight. How does the process work? What features does the application have? What can we include and what can we do better? JUVO exposes any pain points and provides the solutions.

A competitive advantage

By getting more from your data, you can take your business to the next level. In essence, by collecting additional and even more valuable information, you are better able to respond to the needs of your target market. Optimise enables you to leave your competition behind.

What do we do?


We analyse you current circumstances and examine your data strategy, applications and processes. With your goals in mind, we focus on areas with room for improvement. We zero in on growth margins in order to get more out of your data.


Do you need a review of your data by someone outside your organisation? Or would you like a second opinion from a data expert? We’re happy to offer advice, including suggesting specific advice relevant to audits. This includes effective steps to take and how to increase the profitability of your data.


Sharing knowledge is in our blood. We want to show you how you, yourself, can use your data as efficiently as possible and how you can optimise your processes.

JUVO works with the Port of Antwerp

As strategic data partner, JUVO ensures that the Port of Antwerp retains an overview of activity, while we put theory into practice. JUVO coordinates a variety of data initiatives between business personnel and the software team. In addition, we draw up end-to-end processes, monitor roadmaps and define architectures. We are also involved in data platform development and a variety of applications.

The Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp makes intelligent use of data in order to effectively manage port activities.

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Our consultants are here for you

Experienced developers, analysts and project managers help out where you need it most. They apply their broad knowledge of a variety of sectors and expertise in the latest technologies.


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