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Port Of Antwerp-Bruges

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En route to a digital port

A container ship sails to Antwerp, moors in the port, unloads its goods and sets sail once more. This may seem a relatively simple operation, however it’s far from it. That’s because ships of all shapes and sizes come and go, carrying a wide variety of goods.

Intelligent use of data

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges employs data to help them manage port operations. Intelligent use of data allows them to make proactive decisions. This saves time and allows them to plan work efficiently.

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges uses data to:

  • anticipate ship arrival and departure times
  • map traffic, allowing them to anticipate congestion
  • move from periodic to predictive bridge, lock and infrastructure maintenance.

Juvo – Your data partner

What data do you have What are the possibilities? And what information do you need? JUVO gives you insight into your data and optimises your processes. By using your data in a smart and inventive way, you can get more out of it. We also develop applications and data platforms that push you forward. JUVO thinks out of the box and lifts your organisation to a higher level.


Port Of Antwerp-Bruges

What value does JUVO bring?

As strategic data partner, JUVO ensures that the Port of Antwerp retains an overview of activity, while we put theory into practice. JUVO coordinates a variety of data initiatives between business personnel and the software team. In addition, we draw up end-to-end processes, monitor roadmaps and define architectures. We are also involved in data platform development and a variety of applications.

What does that mean?

  • Monitoring app

    JUVO was involved in the development of an app to digitally support inspections of the port infrastructure (quays, bollards, etc.).

  • Industrialisation

    JUVO nurtured projects in the lab and released them as fully-fledged data products.

  • Datalab

    We created a data lab where data scientists can experiment to gain new insights. The ingenuity of the lab is its ability to demonstrate the value of data algorithms within a short period of time.

  • Self-service reporting

    Step by step, we improved the self-service reporting strategy. The final objective was smooth cooperation between business users and the IT team, with business users able to create reports independently.

  • Architecture & Governance

    JUVO closely analysed the Port of Antwerp-Bruges existing data platform. Working together with the client, we identified areas of improvement and proposed a new architecture, roadmap and project governance.

  • Data innovations

    As strategic data partner, JUVO investigated whether current data innovations could offer added value to the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

The Antwerp Port Authority

The Antwerp Port Authority’s 1,650 employees ensure the smooth operation of the port and its future growth. They direct shipping traffic, supply tugboats and dredging services. They also manage and maintain docks, bridges and locks, as well as quay walls and their own buildings and land. The Antwerp Port Authority is responsible for advertising the port, both at home and abroad. They are building a sustainable future, in which technology and digitalisation play a prominent role.