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Dexis Belgium offers a wide range of over 400,000 products and solutions. In addition to its headquarters in Hasselt, the company has branches all over the country. A personal service and a focus on the customer are core values. With dozens of incoming calls, emails and even faxes each day, this is no easy task. That’s why Dexis Belgium sought out JUVO in 2012.

Dexis Belgium wants to gain insight into their business processes, improve customer service and support their employees. The company also wants to update their existing business intelligence tool to centralise information and drive activities. Data plays an essential role in this: data-driven reporting and guidance is essential.

Juvo – Your data partner

What data do you have What are the possibilities? And what information do you need? JUVO gives you insight into your data and optimises your processes. By using your data in a smart and inventive way, you can get more out of it. We also develop applications and data platforms that push you forward. JUVO thinks out of the box and lifts your organisation to a higher level.

Dexis Belgium has gained a valuable partner in JUVO for the automation and digitisation of our core processes. JUVO's expertise delivers added value for our business.
Erik Diris

Group ICT Manager, Dexis Belgium

What value does JUVO bring?

JUVO fulfils a supporting and coordinating role for Dexis Belgium. Our consultants act as a sounding board for the business and gain valuable insights as a result. They are involved in (technical) analyses, the development and integration of a variety of applications, and the development and optimisation of the BI platform.

What does that mean?

  • Sales Force Automation tool

    JUVO analysed business processes in order to gain more insight. Based on this analysis, JUVO developed a Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool. The result was a single, well-organised system that registers all data flows and provides the business with information that was previously lacking. The SFA centralises information, controls activities and provides features such as central storage of communications, an advanced search function, workflows with rules and approval processes that are bespoke to each business, an overview of employee workloads, extensive reporting and logging facilities, work distribution broken down by location, etc.

  • Bi insights

    We modernised an existing business tool so that it works faster, more accurately and is more usable. We also linked this tool to modern technologies that are future-proof, such as the data lake and Kafka. This means Dexis Belgium can maximise their use of data.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Through a combination of data collection and reporting and the resulting insights, the project achieved an important milestone in 2020. Using artificial intelligence, together with an internal IT team, we automated important business processes such as the conversion of a quotation into an order. The result? Work was more efficient, employee productivity increased, and workloads were more manageable. As a result, customer satisfaction, turnover and margins all increased.

    The project was awarded ICT digital project of the year.

Dexis Belgium

Dexis Belgium Dexis Belgium is the market leader in the distribution of consumables for MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. The emphasis is on the technical know-how of the product and market specialists. They share their knowledge with customers and guarantee the availability of all standard products 24/7/365.