Data as A Product

29/09/2021 13:00


About this event

The revolution of data science and AI has created an incredible workforce of talented data professionals. Many companies invested in the roll-out of (big) data platforms to add value to their business. Incredible solutions were built that changed even entire industries. Unfortunately, many implementations stopped delivering value after a while or did not deliver any value at all.

But how can you do better? How can you create sustainable value from your data investments?

We get an answer to these questions from Eric Weber, Head of Data Product and Experimentation at Yelp. Eric will discuss why getting ROI out of a data investment requires thinking about data as a product. In data product thinking, every data solution is considered as a product with its own data product manager, lifecycle, technological foundations etc. Managing your data products the right way makes your data investments sustainable.


Who should attend

Anyone who wants to accelerate its company’s data driven roadmap. This webinar should be interesting for as well c-level (e.g. CEO, CIO, CDO, CTO, CFO, CMO, …), management (e.g. Innovation manager, Data and Analytics manager, BI manager, Operations manager, Marketing manager, Data Governance manager, …) as typical data and analytics project stakeholders (e.g. BPA, BI analyst, Data analyst, Enterprise architect, Data Governance analyst, Project manager, Product owner, Business Analyst, …).

Although we don’t focus on the technical data product implementations, technical specialsts (e.g. data scientists, data engineer, ML engineer, BI developer, …) who want to learn more about the “data as a product” methodology are welcome as well!



In this webinar, you will learn about “data as a product” as a methodology to optimize the ROI from your data investments. You may expect a clear introduction of data as a product complemented with tips and tricks, real-life examples and best practices. Eric’s goal is to inspire you to bring data as a product into practice for your organization!



Juvo was founded in 2008 as an IT consulting firm focused around database technology. Over the past 13 years, Juvo evolved into a company specialized in helping its customers to get value from data.

We believe that the correct use of data provides a competitive advantage for our customers. We inspire organizations to look at data differently in order to achieve their objectives faster.

Let’s make data profitable!

Eric Weber


Eric Weber is the Head of Experimentation, Economic Insights and Metrics at Yelp. He advises and teaches at Product Faculty ( and Propulsion Academy (, after teaching for years in academia.

Eric has worked in senior leadership and individual contributor roles at Yelp, LinkedIn and CoreLogic after an academic career as an assistant professor. He loves working with data, educating others about data’s value and helping people excel in technical roles. His strengths include statistics, machine learning, R, team building and executive education.

He has a PhD and Masters in mathematics from ASU, a Masters in Business Analytics from University of Minnesota, and is currently completing the executive MBA at University of Chicago-Booth.


Data as A Product

29/09/2021 13:00